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Newsletter Amazon Fund | December 2015
Lessons about schoolgardens in Rurrenabaque
Preparing the school gardens.
Also parents participate.
Fieldwork near National Park Madidi.
Students near old growth tree.
Research during fieldwork.
Environmental Education in the Bolivian Amazon

Our support in 2013 and 2014 for Environmental Education in the Bolivian rainforest has been a success. The project started in Rurrenabaque, a jungle town at the foot of the Andes, the most biodiverse region in the world.

Schoolgardens primary level
Amazon Fund supports a schoolgarden program for primary schools. School gardens offer a great way to teach children about nature. Grubbing in the soil, sowing and weeding, harvesting of the vegetables, fruits and spices followed by cooking and eating the food brings children into direct contact with their environment.

Praktical fieldwork secondary level
For secondary schools, we support practical fieldwork. Students visit the rainforest with indigenous guides and learn about the flora, fauna and ecosystems. They learn how rainforest provides the residents with drinking water, food and medicinal plants. But also about the importance of biodiversity and the crucial role of rainforests for our climate and climate change.

During the first two years the project received an enthusiastic support and participation of the schools and parents of Rurrenabaque.

Continuation of our support
The year 2015 is dedicated to the development of teaching materials. Revised and additional material will be used in 2016 during the follow-up program. We are also planning to expand the school garden project to the Peruvian Amazon. To facilitate the progress of our program we ask for your support.

New board
Amazon Fund is happy with her two new board members. After René Boot (now in our Committee of Recommendation) and Birgitte Keijzer (still helps on the background) left, Piet van Ipenburg and Hans Smit joined the board.
Piet works in education in the Netherlands and teached biology at an international school in Lima, Peru. He was director of the Field Study Center Sachavacayoc in southeastern Peru. As a rainforest guide he visits the Amazon regularly through the foundation BEE with Dutch students and adults.
Hans Smit is an expert in education and has practical experience at various educational levels. He managed international education projects and focused on didactics and methodologies of field work, with special attention for sustainability in the transition to a circular economy.

Our motives
Amazon Fund is concerned about the nature in the Amazon region. Which is under pressure from deforestation, oil and gold mining and the construction of dams and roads. This while:

  • Tropical forests are crucial for the climate and the CO2 balance
  • The Amazon region has a rich biological diversity
  • Medicinal plants in the Amazon region are like a natural pharmacy
  • The Amazon region is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes
  • And the Amazon region is a paradise for nature lovers

Amazon Fund sees education as the best way to make people aware about this.

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