Our vision is that the Amazon ecosystems continue to provide their unique values and functions to the well-being of present and future generations of mankind.


Our mission is to contribute to the conservation of the Amazon rainforests, wetlands, savannas and the biodiversity of the region, to preserve the cultural identity of the local population and to raise awareness and support.


  • Promote initiatives to conserve the Amazon rainforests, wetlands, savannas and their biodiversity;
  • Encourage Amazon communities to develop sustainable, natural resource based production systems and other ways of income generation;
  • Improve the living conditions of Amazon indigenous communities;
  • Mobilise people (locally, nationally and internationally) to support the conservation of the Amazon.

Intervention strategy

Facilitate locally identified initiatives and projects which are:

  • Contributing to Amazon Fund’s vision, mission and objectives;
  • Based on local partnerships;
  • Compatible with the sustainable development objectives of the authorities;

How we work

  • Amazon fund act as facilitator of knowledge, networks and funds;
  • The activities will have lasting, sustainable and measurable impacts;
  • The activities will include the transfer of technical know-how and training;
  • Present focus region: Bolivian Amazon.

Activities and Projects

  • Environmental education projects and awareness campaigns;
  • Sustainable small farmer’s agro-forestry and community forest management projects;
  • Campaigns to promote the conservation of Amazon Nature
Amazon Fund has an ANBI status.
Donations can be tax-deductable.
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